Project Partners

Splatsin Yucwmenlucwu

YUCWMENLÚCWU means ‘Caretakers of the Land,’ and that’s the foundation of our approach.  With our people’s culture and connection to the land guiding us, we balance conservation and economic development through innovative and practical solutions.  We are committed to working with our partners and clients in the early stages of projects to ensure an adaptive approach.

With a highly skilled team of professionals and certified technicians, as well as a number of industry-leading firms as partners, we manage and deliver government, industry and private sector projects from concept to completion with the highest level of standards at every stage. We see ourselves as partners in resource management and sustainable development with our many partners and clients.

Download the  Yucwmenlúcwu (Caretakers of the Land) Brochure – 4MB PDF

Secwepemc Fisheries Commission

The Secwepemc Fisheries Commission (SFC) is a progressive First Nations fisheries body formed in 1992 that works within the mandate of Shuswap Nation Tribal Council. We support the work of our communities to provide stewardship for the fisheries in their territories and to assert their traditional fisheries rights within a co-management framework. This is accomplished as they are building capacity for self-government.

The SFC promotes ecosystem conservation and the sustainable use and harvest practices of fisheries resources. The re-invigoration of traditional fisheries practices and the strengthening of First Nations social and cultural heritage is a reflection of our respect for all living beings and contributes to the preservation of our values and beliefs. We form partnerships with other fisheries organizations for mutual benefit, and build relationships with other First Nations organizations. Co-management is a cornerstone of our mandate.

Switzmalph Cultural Society

The Switzmalph Cultural Society has for many years been committed to the conservation of the fragile eco-systems of the Shuswap Delta and the Salmon River, through cultural educational programs and the application of traditional ecological knowledge based on the teachings of  Secwepemc Elder Dr. Mary Thomas.

Mary Thomas’ work as an environmentalist was colored by her respect for mother nature and her understanding that no more should be taken from the earth than is truly needed—a philosophy she tried to pass on to future generations. She was concerned about preserving and protecting traditional plants so they would be there for future generation, but she was also concerned about broader environmental issues as well—protection of the air, the earth, the water and the animals. And she recognized that all people, both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, must work together to deal with conservation and environmental issues because everyone, regardless of their cultural background, is equally affected by threats to mother earth.

The Society is working to fulfill Mary’s Thomas’s dream – not only with the restoration and conservation of the Shuswap Delta and Salmon River but also the revitalization of cultural programs at the Mary Thomas Heritage Centre.