New Beginnings Here is a Multicultural Conservation Society established by a group of community spirited professionals from diverse backgrounds.  We came together to promote social cohesion and the sharing of traditional ecological knowledge through environmentally focused projects for youth at risk, accessible and inclusive of people with varying abilities. 

Youth at risk in our communities face multiple issues.  Fractured home lives, for example, can lead to drug use, bullying and low self-esteem and the youth often lack an outlet to help deal with the frustrations of life.  Our programs involve both the indigenous and non-indigenous local communities, showcasing Secwepemc language and traditions, focusing on the well being of participants and helping to celebrate their cultural and natural heritage.

As a registered Benevolent Society (NBBS), our expertise is often provided at minimal or no cost to the participants.  We bridge the gaps where participants do not meet eligibility requirements for other programs.  We know how to connect the dots and do whatever is necessary to make a project succeed.

Since 2008, our teams have managed and resourced a broad spectrum of collaborative programs that link our three focus areas:

– Accessibility and inclusion focused initiatives for varying abilities
– Environmental/ecological initiatives
– Arts and cultural programs for youth at risk

For more information on our programs contact: Barb Craven, Program Manager at 250-546-5021 or e-mail: info@new-beginnings-here.ca


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